Jomeis Fine Foods

Jomeis Fine Foods offers an exquisite Sweet Balsamic Reduction that is as versatile as it is unique and sensual. They import balsamic vinegar from its birthplace, Modena in Italy. It has a rich culinary history and has been coveted by Italians for centuries. Vicki and Martin, the owners of Jomeis Fine Foods blend the artisanal vinegar – barrel-aged for five years – with Australian raw sugar and gently reduce it to create an incredible, precious nectar.

Sweet Balsamic Reduction has a unique flavour profile that enhances many dishes, both sweet and savoury. It inspires chefs, enables home cooks to add an extra level of decadence to their cooking and can be enjoyed, simply, as a dipping sauce with crusty bread and a good quality olive oil.

The distinctive bottle shape makes Sweet Balsamic Reduction ideal for gift giving. Any foodie connoisseur will identify the value of the contents and be grateful to receive it as a token of appreciation or a special birthday or Christmas present.