Gamze Smokehouse

The Gamze Smokehouse was founded in 1986 in Wangaratta by Felix Gamze, who emigrated to Australia from Slovenia at a young age. Felix came from a family with strong traditional roots and his uncle was also a butcher in Slovenia.

After completing his butchering apprentice, Felix wanted to not only preserve his family’s culinary traditions, but develop and refine them further with his own Smokehouse. Starting small as a retail butcher shop, Gamze Smokehouse products are now available across Melbourne, Victoria, and Sydney, bringing a unique flavour that is equally at home at an elegant dinner as it is at a casual picnic.

All Gamze products are free range, gluten free, chemical preservative free, and naturally wood smoked and crafted by hand. Their free range pigs forage and roam and are free from growth hormones or promoters and all their meats are smoked using Australian hardwoods to produce an inimitable flavour.

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