Bacco’s Bakeries

Since 2001 Kristy and Luigi Papagni have been baking. Starting in a home kitchen in the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, they used both their heritage, passion and family recipes. The idea of Bacco’s brand was born and with their very first product: Fennel seed Tatos.

They percieved that there was a need in the Australian market for a flatbread to match the growing interest in gourmet food, wine and cheeses. Moved and inspired by this need, this creative couple made the very first original Bacco’s Leaves. The success that followed the sales of the first batches produced entirely by hand, moved Kristy and Luigi to search for a commercial place in which they would bake and perfect their family dream!

Nestled in the mountains where the Hunter Valley begins, is our artisan bakery in the small town of Murrurundi.

Adding to the already famous crispbread Bacco’s Leaves and drawing on their philosophy of wholesome pure food, they have created a range of Bacco’s Cookies, Bacco’s Breadsticks and Bacco’s Artisan Muesli.

Bacco’s Cookies are made with organic flour, free range eggs, real butter, and flavoured with freshly grated lemon zest, orange zest, coffee beans, roasted nuts and chunks of chocolate.

Bacco’s Artisan Muesli is made with organic oats, organic Rapadura sugar, extra virgin olive oil, cinnamon, roasted almonds, coconut and juicy saltanas. Bacco’s Muesli also has a less calories compared to other roasted muesli, but is full of rich wholesome flavour.

Bacco’s Breadstick range of Twiggies and Tatos make the perfect and elegant snack to accompany your preferred dips and drinks. A treat to share at any hour with friends and family. Also great as a non sugar snack with your coffee or tea.