Sliced Smallgoods 125g

Danish Salami 125g

Danish Salami Great on sandwiches or with salads, Danish Salami is a versatile meat for any meal.

Free Range Leg Ham 125g

Free Range Leg Ham Naturally smoked using Australian Pork, our Free Range Leg Ham is at its best when enjoyed on its own or in a sandwich where its gentle flavours are most prominent.

Pancetta Mild

Pancetta Mild Pancetta is often called Italian bacon, but is in fact quite different to its American counterpart. Pancetta is unsmoked meat, instead air cured, seasoned, and rolled by hand. Pancetta is seasoned & rolled pork belly, handmade & air cured. Commonly cooked in pasta dishes like Carbonara or Boscaiola. Pancetta Mild is less intensely flavoured […]

Ham Off the Bone

Leg Ham Off the Bone Full of flavour, our Leg Ham Off the Bone is the perfect sandwich filler.

Double Smoked Ham 125g

Double Smoked Ham – 125g Ideal for Gourmet Sandwiches, Double Smoked Ham has a much fuller flavour than regular Ham, making it equally suitable on its own or combined with almost any condiments.

Spanish Hot Salami

Spanish Hot Salami – 125g Our Spanish Hot Salami is a dry cured salami made from finely ground beef and pork. It is naturally wood smoked and seasoned with garlic and red chilies for extra heat and flavour.

Hungarian Salami

Hungarian Salami – 125g A unique sausage that is smoked and filled into a white casing, Hungarian Salami has little to no acidity, very little sugar, and a taste distinct from Italian Salami.