Our range of Olives are produced and packed in our own Sydney facility. Each container is carefully checked to ensure the highest quality end product.

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Kalamata Pitted Marinated

Kalamata Pitted Marinated Also known as the Greek Olive, Kalamata Olives have a fuller, sweeter flavour than other Green or Black Olives and their oil is considered among the healthiest of all olive oils. Perfect as a snack on their own, as part of a cheese or antipasto plate, or even as a tapenade.

Split Green Marinated Olives

Split Green Marinated Olives Combined with chili and garlic, our Split Green Marinated Olives are perfect for cooked meals, larger dishes, or even on their own.

Stuffed Olives – Feta

Stuffed Olives – Feta The feta cheese filling in our green olives strikes a balance between the olive’s tangy and distinctive flavours with the mild saltiness and smoothness of the feta cheese.

Stuffed Olives – Sun Dried Tomatoes

Stuffed Olives – Sun Dried Tomatoes Our Stuffed Olives with Sun Dried Tomatoes combined with green olives creates a rich flavour that is a balance between the sweetness and smoothness of the tomatoes and the tangy bold flavour of the green olives.