Julianne’s Kitchen

Julianne’s Kitchen

 Julianne's Kitchen, Artisan Products built on Natural Flavours


Artisan Products built on Natural Flavours

With years of experience in 5 star hotels, chef hat restaurants, and her own award winning restaurant Cloudstreet, Chef Julianne has perfected an incredible range Pate’s and Pastes that use all natural ingredients, without additives, artificial flavours, or colours, and techniques passed down by professional chefs to make colourful, delectable creations.

Fuelled by a passion for cooking, Julianne’s Kitchen products are crafted with expert precision and have been showcased across Australia at markets and fairs. With over 20 years in the hospitality industry, Chef Julianne’s prolific career has taken her cooking from the professional kitchen to the household kitchen, where it can add authentic gourmet flavours to any meal.

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Award Winning Products Available for All

Julianne’s Kitchen products won 3 awards in both 2013 and 2014 at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show, a testament to the quality, skill, and craftsmanship involved in every pate and paste.

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