FroPro, the Fit Scoop

Created by a professional athlete with healthy and an active lifestyle in mind, FroPro offers the only 99% sugar free all natural ice cream in the world.

FroPro’s goal is to offer a product free of the unnecessary sugars, fats and additives standard in the industry but all the same flavours. With an all natural product and high quality ingredients, it’s no surprise that in a short time they have amassed a large social media following and become well established in the market.

Each variety is high in protein, low in fat and is even low GI. FroPro is the best in gluten and guilt free indulgences.

Feel free to ask about stockist pricing, delivery, more about the product, or anything else at all – we’re more than happy to help out.

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FroPro Salted Caramel Ice Cream

FroPro Salted Caramel The Salted Caramel Ice Cream from FroPro is just 83 calories per serve and 96% Sugar Free without sacrificing any flavour.

FroPro Chocolate Ice Cream

FroPro Chocolate At 81 calories per serve, FroPro’s dark chocolate blend is sure to be a guilt free crowd-pleaser. Made using high quality whey and a little coconut cream, this ice cream has all the great qualities in taste and texture of any other without the fat, sugar and excess calories. Contains 10.6g of Protein […]

FroPro Peanut Butter Chocolate Ice Cream

FroPro Peanut Butter Chocolate Decadent and satisfying, yet still only 87 calories per serve, this Peanut Butter Chocolate ice cream from FroPro is made using whole nut butter from Australian peanuts, which is blended to perfection with high quality chocolate. Contains 11.1g of protein per serve.

FroPro Green Tea and Mint Ice Cream

FroPro Green Tea and Mint At just 71 calories per serve, this Green Tea and Mint ice cream from FroPro offers a set of fresh, lively flavours and a healthy helping of antioxidants thanks to the real Matcha Green Tea used in making this ice cream. Contains 10.1g of protein per serve.