Deliredi Toppers

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Shaved Parmesan

Shaved Parmesan A sharp flavoursome traditional Italian style cheese in slithers. Predominantly used as a topping for Caesar salad and in many pasta recipes.

Grated Parmesan

Grated Parmesan Parmesan is best known as a grating cheese and is wonderful sprinkled over pasta dishes or stirred into soups or risottos.

Prosciutto Strips

Prosciutto Strips Delicately cut strips of prosciutto which will upgrade melts to gourmet. Use it to enhance salads, pizzas and appetizers.

Leg Ham Strips

Leg Ham Strips Strips of premium ham that are a great addition to breakfast omelettes or pizzas. A quick and delicious way to add protein and taste to your favourite meal.

Diced Pancetta Topper

Diced Pancetta Topper Recipe-ready pancetta cubes to make your meal time preparation a breeze. Use diced pancetta in a classic like pasta carbonara and add another dimension to soups.

Diced Chorizo Topper

Diced Chorizo Topper Spanish style diced chorizo with its excellent balance of seasoning and flavour. It will send your paella, quiches and breakfast eggs into overdrive.

Diced Bacon Topper

Diced Bacon Topper Diced bacon is an essential in many cooking and recipe applications. Insist on Australian diced bacon to elevate your casserole, pizza and salads.