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Deliredi – Italian Smallgoods

The DELIREDI sliced Italian meats are an easy to use, resealable range of products. They are highly versatile, providing just the right amount for almost any occasion, and are sealed right after slicing to retain freshness and flavour.

The eye catching silver pack has been aesthetically designed to showcase the product and it was created to hang or stand. The pack also has an easy-tear feature for opening.

Each smallgoods line has its own distinct label, which attracts the consumer’s attention and clearly focuses on the key selling points. Products are carefully chosen combining traditional methods and recipes with modern concepts to satisfy consumer expectations.

All suppliers and producers are governed by food safety standards throughout the entire supply chain. The customers well-being is paramount. DELIREDI™ sliced meats are prepared in a modern facility controlled by a strict HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) food safety program.

We take great pride in the production of our smallgoods, and all products are frequently assessed for compliance to microbiological standards and highly trained staff ensures consistency is maintained for each and every pack.

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Quality Bacon

Quality Back 100g Short cut bacon that’s packed with flavour and uses only premium cut pork.

Lite Ham

Lite Ham 100g Sliced Pack Freshly sliced lean Australian Pork. A healthy alternative for a salad or sandwich. Sealed for maximum freshness.

Free Range Leg Ham

DeliRedi Free Range Leg Ham Our certified Free Range Leg Ham is made using only Australian meat and sealed in for freshness.

Spanish Tapas

DeliRedi Spanish Tapas Using Chorizo and Jamon, our Spanish Tapas is made in a traditional Spanish style and full of flavour.

Italian Antipasto

DeliRedi Italian Antipasto Our Italian Antipasto combines Prosciutto and a Mild Sopressa to form a rich but not overpowering flavour perfect for any meal.

Prosciutto Australian

DeliRedi Australian Prosciutto Made using only high quality pork, this Australian Proscuitto comes thinly sliced for ease of use and sealed for freshness.

Spanish Jamon

DeliRedi Spanish Jamon A meat rich in flavour thanks to its long cure time, Spanish Jamon has a complex and full flavor.