Deliredi Sliced Cheeses

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Vegan Sliced Cheese Alternative

Vegan Sliced Cheese Alternative A plant based delicious dairy free cheese alternative. Mild in flavour, it’s great on its own and perfect to add to sandwiches, toasties, pizza or any of your favourite foods.

Manchego Sliced

Manchego Sliced An outstanding sheep milk cheese with a well-developed flavour that is sharp and creamy.

Red Cheddar Sliced

Red Cheddar Sliced The delicious tang of Cheddar cheese meets the smooth taste of Monterey Jack. Melt a slice on your burger or slider and enjoy its creamy taste and stringy action.

Provolone Sliced

Provolone Sliced This Italian favourite brings a savoury bite to sandwiches and the perfect melt on focaccia.

Swiss Cheese Sliced

Swiss Cheese Sliced Mellow and nutty, this cheese adds an extra dimension of flavour to your sandwich or classic reuben

Tasty Cheddar Sliced

Tasty Cheddar Sliced An Australian favourite which is incredibly versatile. Its rich and creamy taste makes it ideal for sandwiches and melts.