Our range of pastes are made from 100% fresh Australian produce and in each over 90% of the total paste content is the primary ingredient.

Each paste is packaged in a safe, easy to use container ready to serve.

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DELIREDI Quince Paste

DELIREDI Quince Paste Quince paste is called Crema de Membrillo in Spanish, and the fruit resembles a large, yellow, lumpy pear. The DELIREDI™ Quince Paste is sweet with a delightfully delicate floral aroma. Our Quince paste is perfect with a traditional French brie, a mature cheddar or parmesan cheese. Use it as a sweetmeat, rolled in […]


DELIREDI Fig Paste Our Fig Paste  are picked at their peak of ripeness, then finely diced and minced to produce a beautifully sweet paste. The honeyed flavour of figs are beautifully complimented with a cheddar or parmigiano, or for a soft cheese option it is also wonderful with a fresh goat’s cheese.

DELIREDI Spiced Pear Paste

DELIREDI Spiced Pear Paste This deliciously spiced and slightly sweet pear paste is the perfect counterpoint to any cheese with a touch of acidity. We suggest you match it with any goat’s cheese, firm or fresh, or serve with a sharp, nutty cheese such as Manchego or Parmigiano or possibly best of all, a really […]