CocoSamu Coconut Water


CocoSAMU – 100% Pure Thai Coconut Water

Produced entirely using organic Thai coconuts, CocoSAMU brings all the health benefits of coconut water, including calcium and magnesium electrolytes, essential vitamins and minerals, and amino acids, that’s as fresh and rich in flavour as a coconut just picked.

This means that coconut water actually provides many of the same benefits as sports drinks and it has been referred to as ‘nature’s Gatorade’ in the past.

Unlike most other brands, every can of CocoSAMU is sealed on the same day the coconut is opened meaning there is no spoilage or deterioration in the quality of the coconut water while in transit. This also helps preserve the natural flavours of the coconut, subtly sweet and smooth, without the need for any added sugars.

CocoSAMU coconuts are are harvested from the Thai province of Samut Songkhram in special reserve plantations. These plantations have been owned by generations of traditional Thai farmers and are built on some of the most fertile soil in Thailand. CocoSAMU is a proud supported of agricultural and social sustainability in Thailand.

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