Chelmos Cheese


Chelmos Cheese

Chelmos has been producing authentic, quality Greek Cheeses since 1950 and although the company has grown to reach international markets since then, it remains a family business to this day.

The company takes pride in its long standing relationships with local producers, ensuring they have access to the best product, and its carefully honed production methods, refined over more than half a century in the industry. Every stage in the process is monitored, starting with the animals themselves and their health and nutrition all the way through to the final product and its packaging.


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Chelmos Feta

Chelmos Feta Chelmos Feta is produced exclusively from Greek Sheep’s and Goat’s milk and is matured for 6 months in traditional oak barrels to create a cheese that is a unique combination of creamy, salty, and peppery. Available in 200g, 400g, 1kg, and 13kg  

Chelmos Goat Cheese

Chelmos Goat Cheese Chelmos Goat Cheese is made from 100% goat’s milk. Spicy and full-bodied, this cheese is also highly nutritious, rich in protein, calcium and vitamins. Available in 200g and 400g  

Chelmos Saganaki

Chelmos Saganaki This Saganaki from Chelmos is an authentic Greek cheese, a unique blend made for frying.  

Chelmos Kasseri

Chelmos Kasseri This semi-hard cheese is made from cow’s milk and has a distinctive, slightly salty flavour. Perfect in sandwiches, as a snack, or melted.  

Chelmos Kefalograveria

Chelmos Kefalograveria The Kefalograveria from Chelmos is a hard cheese made from sheep and goat’s milk. Rich, spicy and slightly salty, this cheese is ideal for frying, appetizers or grated over pasta.