Barkly Smoked Smallgoods

Barkly has been producing exceptional Smallgoods, from Sausages to Hams, from Presswurst to Liverwurst, for over 50 years.

Founded by Polish immigrants, all Barkly Smallgoods are produced, from start to finish, in a European style using only high quality ingredients.


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Grandmother Ham

Grandmother Ham A Full Boned Leg that is smoked over German Beech, these exceptional Hams were awarded a Gold Medal at the Royal Melbourne Show in 2014, and it’s not hard to see why. Superb with mustard or relish, both baked and glazed, or even just in a sandwich, the Barkly Grandmother Ham is, without […]

Bomba Ham

Bomba Ham Boneless Barkly’s Bomba Ham is a full de-boned Ham Leg. Netted and Smoked to perfection, these Hams are ideal for glazing or baking.

Gypsy Ham

Gypsy Ham, Double Smoked Made using a lean boned leg, Barkly’s Gypsy Ham first has the rind and fat removed, is trimmed and netted, and then double smoked to produce an exceptionally rich meat.


Polska, Polish Sausage Ring Polish Sausage Rings, or Polska Rings, are made with lean pork and garlic that is smoked and then curled into its iconic ring shape.


Rolladin, Rolled Pork Neck Tender and packed with flavour, the Rolladin from Barkly is rolled pork neck seasoned with garlic and cracked pepper. An iconic traditional Ham.

Ham Sausage with Mustard Seed

Ham Sausage with Mustard Seed Perhaps better known as Kielbasa, the Barkly Ham Sausages with Mustard Seed are cooked rather than smoked and have an exceptional and unique flavour that may be imitated but never replicated elsewhere.

Ham Sausage with Juniper

Ham Sausage with Juniper Berry Each Barkly Traditional Ham Sausage is made with lean pork before being combined with other ingredients. The Ham and Juniper Sausages bring a subtle but distinctive flavour to the meat through the addition of the dried berries. Not quite gin in a sausage, but distinctly European.

Ham Sausage with Garlic

Ham Sausage with Garlic The Barkly Traditional Ham Sausages are made from lean pork and then infused with flavours. The Ham and Garlic Sausage blends the sweetness of the garlic with the richness of lean pork. No meat platter would be complete without one.

Smoked Strasburg

Smoked Strasburg Sausage Perfect in sandwiches, the Smoked Strasburg Sausage uses pure premium pork and is packed with flavour.

Krakowska Sausage

Krakowska Smoked Sausage Krakowska Sausages are identical to Strasburg Sausages but are tied off into two pieces.

Presswurst Spicy

Presswurst Spicy Made with a combination of potted hock and premium pork, combined with paprika and chilli before being encased in jelly, Barkly’s Spicy Presswurst has a great kick and well rounded flavour to complement any dinner table.

Presswurst Plain

Presswurst Plain Made with a combination of potted hock and premium pork, mixed with a unique blend of spices and garlic, and finally set in a jelly, Barkly Presswurst offers a quintessentially European product. Flavoursome, balanced, and authentic.

Mediterranean Lamb

Mediterranean Lamb De-boned and carefully smoked, the Barkly Mediterranean Lamb combines top quality meat with garlic & rosemary to create an authentic European experience.

Lux Ham

Lux Ham Made using particularly lean pork loin, the Barklys Lux Ham is rich and full flavoured, making for an excellent gourmet experience.


Liverwurst, Liver Sausage This decadent sausage from Barkly is made from 100% pork liver and ground spices then smoked to bring out the richness and complex flavours of each ingredient. Truly a gourmet product.

Plain Kransky

Plain Kransky An iconic European sausage, similar to the Polish Kielbasa, Barkly Kransky brings back tried and true flavours from a Europe in years gone by.

Chilli Kransky

Chilli Kransky A traditional recipe with an added kick, these Chilli Kransky are sure to spice up any dinner plate.

Cheese Kransky

Cheese Kransky An iconic sausage with a dairy twist, these Cheese Kransky perfectly balance rich and smooth flavours.


Smoked Chorizo A traditional Spanish sausage, the Smoked Chorizo is packed with intense flavours, helped by the smoking process, which rounds these out even further.

Viennese Frankfurts

Viennese Frankfurts, Parowki A smoked thin, lean sausage made in the European style, the Viennese Frankfurts, also called Parowki, are ideal replacements for their bland American counterparts.

Wedding Sausage

Wedding Sausage, Weselna   Also known as Weselna, this sausage is, as its name implies, traditionally served at weddings across a number of Eastern European countries. Made using very lean pork and combined with garlic and cracked pepper before being smoked, this sausage brings iconic European flavours and adds a touch of heat. Packaged in […]

Kabanossy Mild

Kabanossy Mild A kabana style sausage, very thin, the Kabanossy has an extra thin casing and its size makes it perfect for hors d’ouerves.


Tiroler, German Style Meat Although shaped into a sausage tube, Tiroler is actually a pork based sandwich meat found in German cuisine. It is smoked and ready to eat on opening. A must for any meat platter and an excellent addition to just about any sandwich.  

Country Sausage

Country Sausage, Wiejska Also known as Wiejska, these lean pork sausages are blended with garlic and then smoked, ready to eat upon opening. Typically served with cold meat platters and with cracked pepper.

Kabanossy Spicy

Kabanossy Spicy A kabana style sausage with a hint of chilli, the Kabanossy has an extra thin casing and its size makes it perfect for hors d’ouerves.

Black Pudding

Black Pudding Rings A well preserved tradition across Europe, Barkly’s Black Pudding Rings are made in the traditional style and curved into horseshoe shapes when packaged.

Short Cut Bacon

Short Cut Bacon, Rind On Striking a balance between streaks and lean meat, this Short Cut Bacon from Barkly uses middle section meat and comes with the rind.

Leberkasse Capsicum

Leberkasse Capsicum Barkly’s Leberkasse Capsicum is a pure pork German style meatloaf that is ground and mixed with red capsicum, giving it an extra hint of sweetness and freshness.

Leberkasse Plain

Leberkasse Plain Traditional pork meatloaf, German style, Barkly’s Leberkasse uses only high quality pork in its production to bring out real, authentic flavours.