Bresaola An air-dried cured beef that is aged until darkened to a purple-reddish colour, Bresaola is distinct from Salamis and other cured meats in that is has little to no fat and is strongly flavoured with coarse salt and spices. This process makes it very tender and gives it a unique sweetness and a slightly […]

Moroccan Beef

Moroccan Beef Made from a high quality selection of Australian topside beef carefully seasoned and cooked to perfection, our Moroccan Beef is balanced in flavour and texture to enhance any sandwich.

Wagyu Bresaola

Wagyu Bresaola A unique beef product, Wagyu Bresaola is a tender meat made from premium quality beef that is much more marbled than regular Bresaola, which is very lean. It is salted coarsely and air dried for an extended duration to give it a rich, bold palette.