White Moulds


Fromager D’Affinois A French soft cheese produced from cow’s milk, Fromager D’Affinois is similar to a French Brie though produced slightly differently and with a richer, creamier flavour and consistency.

Tasmanian Double Brie

Tasmanian Double Brie A soft cheese with a wonderfully creamy consistency and bold aroma, the Tasmanian Double Brie has a fuller flavour than most Bries with a hint of nuttiness. Excellent with white wines, antipasto, fruit, or crackers and bread.

White Pearl Camembert

White Pearl Camembert Smooth and delicate, the Tasmanian White Pearl Camembert is milder and has less fat than the Brie. With a faint mushroom aroma, this cheese is perfect with bread, white wines, or as part of an antipasto or appetizer plate.