Asiago Pressato

Asiago Pressato Produced from cow’s milk, Asiago Pressato is a semi-soft cheese with a slightly sweet, buttery taste and a mildly salty aftertaste. Asiago Pressato is perfect in sandwiches, with salads, or sliced and melted.

Spanish Iberico 3 milk

Spanish Iberico 3 Milk Made from 3 kinds of milk – cow, goat, and sheep, Spanish Iberico 3 Milk strikes a remarkable balance of smoothness, tang, and a savoury quality in its flavour.


Kefalograviera A hard Greek table cheese, Kefalograviera has a distinctly salty flavour and bold aroma. An excellent cheese for grating over pasta or having on its own.  

Maasdam Loaf

Maasdam Loaf Maasdam cheese is a Dutch cheese in a Swiss-style.  Made from cow‘s milk, it is aged for at least 4 weeks. It ripens faster than other Dutch cheeses. Maasdam has internal holes from the ripening process, and a smooth yellow rind. Sometimes it is waxed like Gouda. The cheese was created to compete with the popular Swiss Emmental by being less expensive and […]


Mini-Chol Mini-Chol cheese is made with Soya Bean. Its characteristics are soft, very light, fruity and mild. It’s great with red wine and perfect for use at the table, for snacks, melting and slicing. Low in saturated fat.

Mona Lisa Gouda

Mona Lisa Gouda Aged for approximately 18 months, the Mona Lisa Gouda is made from cow’s milk and has a slightly nutty, sweet flavour.


Montegrappa A semi-hard cow’s milk cheese, Montegrappa is made to a centuries old Italian recipe. It has a similar texture to cheddar and a nutty flavour with a subtly sweet aftertaste.


Piave Named after the Italian river, Piave is a hard cheese that is dense with no holes. It has a pale white colour, a mild, delicate taste, and a sweetness that grows as the cheese matures. Excellent grated or as a table cheese.

Port Salut

Port Salut Originating in Brittany in the Loire Valley, France, Port Salut is a semi-soft cheese produced from cow’s milk and has a mild, slightly acidic flavour. Perfect with fruits of any kind, salads, antipasto, or even on its own.

Provolone Piccante

Provolone Piccante A firm cheese typically aged for 6-12 months, Provolone Piccante is a traditional table cheese with a full-bodied flavour, buttery and a little sharp. Suited for pasta as a grated cheese, melted on pizza, or simply with salad, olives, or prosciutto.