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Each of our Antipasto products are hand made at our bespoke facility, quality controlled to ensure each product meets our strict standards, and then suspended in water to lock in freshness right up until opened.

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Semi Dried Tomatoes

Semi Dried Tomatoes With their rich flavour, our Semi Dried Tomatoes are perfect on pizzas, antipasto plates, or with hard and crunchy or soft breads.

Bell Peppers – Feta

Feta Bell Peppers Our Feta Bell Peppers combine the mild flavour of the pepper with the salty tanginess of feta for a perfect snack or addition to an antipasto plate.


Caperberries The fruits of caper are just as prized in international cuisine as capers themselves. Sublime in salads and appetizers, with cheeses and pates, or in cocktails, Caperberries have a milder flavour than capers themselves, making them an ideal garnish for all occasions.  


Capers With an intense and distinctive flavour, Capers make for an excellent accompaniment to cheeses, pates, and all manner of appetizer.

Fire Roasted Capsicum

Fire Roasted Capsicum Our Fire Roasted Capsicums are subtly sweet and marinated to perfection.

Long Stem Artichokes

Long Stem Artichokes Our Long Stem Artichokes are perfect in salads, as appetizers, or with hard and crunchy or soft breads.

Mixed Antipasto

Mixed Antipasto Filled with grilled vegetables, our Mixed Antipasto brings out a wide range of flavours and is versatile enough for any occasion.

Pesto 2kg

Pesto – 2kg Made from a combination of flavoursome ingredients, Pesto is distinctively zesty and strongly flavoured. Often used as a dip or topping, Pesto is also excellent as a condiment for roasts or stirred into pastas where its pronounced taste can blend in seamlessly with other ingredients.  

Char Grilled Pumpkin

Char Grilled Pumpkin Great in salads, our Char Grilled Pumpkin is fresh, subtly sweet, and full of flavour.