Vegiredi Plant-Based Deli Slices

We are excited to introduce Australia to the finest Plant-Based deli slices. Featuring a variety of flavours for the health conscious, vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian and protein meat-alternative seeking people who do not want to compromise on taste!

Our Vegiredi Plant Based Deli Slices are:

  • 100% Natural & Organic ingredients
  • 100% plant-based
  • No artificial colours
  • No artificial flavours
  • No preservatives
  • No GMO.
  • Rich in protein – approx. 30%
  • Less than 9% fat
  • 9 delicious flavours
  • Vegan Friendly



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Vegiredi Turmeric & Ginger

Vegiredi Turmeric & Ginger The Vegiredi Turmeric & Ginger is a uniquely aromatic deli slice. All natural, organic, and vegan.

Vegiredi Truffle

Vegiredi Truffle The Vegiredi Truffle is a luxuriously gourmet option that’s sure to please the most discerning of guests.

Vegiredi Smoked Turkey Style

Vegiredi Smoked Turkey Style The Vegiredi Smoked Turkey Style has an unmistakeable light smoky flavour and a velvety texture. An unmatched alternative to an iconic deli slice.

Vegiredi Salami Style

Vegiredi Salami Style The Vegiredi Salami Style combines the best spices with all natural, organic and vegan ingredients.

Vegiredi Prosciutto Style

Vegiredi Prosciutto Style The Vegiredi Prosciutto Style is a unique take on a classic deli slice. An excellent all-natural, vegan alternative.

Vegiredi Pepper

Vegiredi Pepper The Vegiredi Pepper combines subtle flavours with the aroma and spice of pepper.

Vegiredi Ham Style

Vegiredi Ham Style The Vegiredi Ham Style Slices are an ideal alternative for anyone looking for the quintessential deli slices – natural, organic, and vegan without compromise.

Vegiredi Beef Bresaola Style

Vegiredi Beef Bresaola Style The ultimate meat-free delicacy that reminds you of the unmistakable taste of Italian carpaccio.

Vegiredi Classic Style

Vegiredi Classic Style The Vegiredi Classic Style Slices are recognisable by their yellow and gold colours. Ideal for those looking for a gourmet flavour that’s still organic and vegan.