The German Butchery

The German Butchery

The German Butchery is a multi-award winning Deli & Cafe specialising in a wide range of continental smallgoods from Liverwurst to Canadian Maple Bacon to Bratwurst to Double Smoked Hams and more.

After a prestigious career in the European meat industry, the team from the German Butchery opened shop in NSW making all their own smallgoods in their wholesale factory using traditional methods and techniques. The team is passionate about creating true, authentic European and German flavours in everything they produce and this is seen most clearly in their signature Double Smoked Ham, which has won the Sydney Royal Fine Food Awards Champion Medal multiple times.

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Double Smoked Ham

Double Smoked Ham This multi award winning Double Smoked Ham from the German Butchery is made using carefully sourced and selected produce. The ham is hand scored and cooked and then smoked over Beechwood. A sure crowd pleaser for any occasion or gathering.

Pork Knuckle

Pork Knuckle This Pork Knuckle from the German Butchery is a traditional pickled and pre-cooked knuckle that is baked until a crisp cracking forms.


Leberkaes Leberkaes is a type of German Meatloaf made from finely ground pork, bacon, and onions. It is traditionally served warm with fried eggs or mustard with bread or in a sandwich.


Chorizo This Spanish Chorizo from the German Butchery is a semi dried smoked sausage seasoned slightly with chilli. Chorizo can be enjoyed on its own, barbequed, with eggs, or in a stew.


Kransky A traditional Austrian/Slovenian coarse smoked sausage made from a pork and beef blend.

Chilli Cheese Kransky

Chilli Cheese Kransky This Chilli Cheese Kransky from the German Butchery is a coarse double smoked sausage that balances a chilli hit with a rich, cheesy filling, always sure to be a crowd pleaser.


Weisswurst The Weisswurst is a very traditional and highly versatile German sausage seasoned with pepper, onions, and fresh parsley. Equally delicious either boiled or on a BBQ, this Weisswurst is perfect with a German breakfast or for any gathering.

Thueringer Bratwurst

Thueringer Bratwurst This Bratwurst is a finely ground traditional German BBQ pork sausage seasoned with caraway and marjoram.

Neurnberger Bratwurst

Neurnberger Bratwurst This Bratwurst is a coarsely ground traditional German pork sausage seasoned with salt, pepper, marjoram, and ginger that was made to BBQ.

Continental Frankfurter

Continental Frankfurter This Continental Frankfurter is a traditional style German/Austrian pork sausage that is lightly smoked over Beechwood. If you’re looking for a real Hot Dog, don’t settle for an imitation. Available in packs of 5

Double Smoked Bacon

Double Smoked Bacon This short cut Double Smoked Bacon from the German Butchery is a traditional Kassler, made from boneless pork loin and double smoked over Beechwood. Perfect in sandwiches, for breakfast, or with an array of German condiments and sauerkraut. Available sliced or in a half rack.

Canadian Style Maple Bacon

Canadian Style Maple Bacon This Canadian Maple Bacon is doubled smoked, marinated in maple syrup, and then thinly sliced to maximise flavour, creating an unbeatable breakfast option. There’s a reason this Maple Bacon has been a gold winner and champion at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show. Available in 200g packets

Liverwurst Coarse Mini

Liverwurst Coarse Mini A traditionally made German Pork based pate that has been filled with a variety of European herbs and spices to create a rich, full-flavoured pate. Available in 200g minis

Liverwurst Gold Fine Mini

Liverwurst Gold Fine Mini A traditionally made German Pork based pate with a smooth texture and clean flavour. Best enjoyed on open sandwiches with mustard and gherkins. Available in 200g minis