Established in 1978, Puopolo has been producing authentic Italian salamis using centuries-old recipes for more than 30 years. Starting out as a small butcher, Puopolo has since expanded to a become a full scale producer and their products can be found in discerning delis, restaurants, and cafes across Australia.


Capocollo, Puopolo Dry-cured whole pork neck, this Capocollo from Puopolo balances spices with high quality pork to create an authentic taste.

Guanciale Puopolo

Guanciale, Puopolo Made using pork jowl, Guanciale has a rich flavour and a delicate texture.

Pancetta Puopolo

Pancetta Flat, Puopolo Often thought of as Italian Bacon, this Pancetta from Puopolo has an authentic balance of flavour and texture.


Finnochiona, Puopolo A mixture of 100% pork, fennel seeds, and a blend of herbs and spices, the Finnochiona from Puopolo brings a unique set of flavours to a traditional salami.

Cacciatore Hot

Cacciatore Hot, Puopolo Made using 100% pork and combined with chillies and a blend of spices, the Hot Cacciatore from Puopolo mixes authentic flavours with intense heat.

Cacciatore Mild

Cacciatore Mild, Puopolo Made using 100% pork and expertly infused with pepper and a blend of spices, this Cacciatore from Puopolo may be mild but it certainly isn’t lacking in flavour.

Sopressata Salami

Sopressata Salami, Puopolo A spicy Salami, the Sopressata from Puopolo uses hot chillies to produce its signature heat and coarsely cut pork to bring big, meaty flavours to the salami.

Hungarian Csabai Smoked

Hungarian Csabai Smoked, Puopolo Enriched with smoked paprika and Puopolo’s own blend of spices, this Csabai is smoked over beechwood to produce an exceptional taste and aroma.

Casalingo Salami

Casalingo Salami, Puopolo This coarsely cut Salami from Puopolo combines high quality pork, black pepper, and a unique blend of spices to create a bold and traditional flavour.