Jiva Kombucha

Jiva Kombucha

Jiva Kombucha was created by two brothers in Sydney and inspired by their Sanskrit heritage.

All Jiva products are handcrafted in small batches in Sydney and individually poured. A unique blend of Green and White teas are used as the base for the Kombucha, which creates a light, smooth flavour while maintaining all the antioxidant benefits. They use only real, whole, locally sourced fruits and are 100% free from artificial sweeteners, stevia, and preservatives. What results is a full-flavoured Kombucha that is naturally low in sugar and calories.

Jiva Kombucha also uses a unique double fermentation process, which drastically reduces the vinegar taste that is often present in other Kombuchas without adding any additional ingredients or additives.

All Jiva Kombucha products are NASAA certified organic, HACCP certified, Kosher, and 100% made in Australia.

Jiva Kombucha Pomegranate

Jiva Kombucha Pomegranate The Pomegranate Kombucha beautifully replicates the experience of biting straight into a pomegranate seed but without the bitter aftertaste. Available in 250ml and 750ml

Jiva Kombucha Pineapple

Jiva Kombucha Pineapple The Pineapple Kombucha from Jiva strikes a careful balance of flavours to create a beverage that isn’t just a Kombucha with a hint of pineapple but is instead a both sweet and tangy drink that perfectly captures the taste of a fresh, ripe pineapple. Available in 250ml and 750ml

Jiva Kombucha Ginger

Jiva Kombucha Ginger The Ginger Kombucha was inspired by other classic ginger beverages and isn’t just a Kombucha with a hint of ginger. The ginger is deeply infused thanks to Jiva’s processes and results in a rich, full flavoured Ginger Kombucha with just the right amount of kick. Available in 250ml and 750ml

Jiva Kombucha Original

Jiva Kombucha Original The Jiva Original Kombucha is the original, highly versatile base from which all the other Kombuchas are created. A delicate White and Green tea mix that still tastes great even on its own. Available in 250ml and 750ml

Jiva Kombucha Watermelon and Mint

Jiva Kombucha Watermelon and Mint The Watermelon and Mint Kombucha is a unique take on a classic Australian summer drink. Thanks to the Jiva Kombucha production process, this Kombucha retains all the natural flavours of raw watermelon with just a dash of mint. Available in 250ml and 750ml