De Palma

Pancetta Stesa

Pancetta Stesa Pancetta is often called Italian bacon, but is in fact quite different to its American counterpart. It is an unsmoked meat, instead air cured, seasoned, and rolled by hand. Pancetta Stesa is cured with black pepper in a Sardinian style, giving it a much stronger flavour than other Pancetta.

Australian Prosciutto Leg Whole

Australian Prosciutto Made according to Italian traditions, Australian Prosciutto Whole Leg is perfectly marbled and seasoned, giving it the same flavours and texture as its Italian counterparts.

Wagyu Bresaola

Wagyu Bresaola A unique beef product, Wagyu Bresaola is a tender meat made from premium quality beef that is much more marbled than regular Bresaola, which is very lean. It is salted coarsely and air dried for an extended duration to give it a rich, bold palette.