Crackle & Co

Crackle & Co

Crackle & Co makes a light pork crackling snack that’s 100% Australian and all natural. The crackling is hand-cooked until it’s just right, resulting in a delicious snack that’s high in protein.

As an Australian family-owned business, Crackle & Co works directly with local suppliers and doesn’t use preservatives. They only flavour their crackling with natural ingredients.

Crunchy and delicious – Crackle & Co’s pork crackling is a snack with a difference.

Available in Sea Salt, Chilli & Balsamic Vinegar flavours.


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Chilli Pork Crackling

Chilli Pork Crackling Crackle & Co’s Chilli pork crackling uses an all natural chilli seasoning to infuse just the right amount of spice into their already delicious pork crackling.

Balsamic Vinegar Pork Crackling

Balsamic Vinegar Pork Crackling Crackle & Co’s Balsamic Vinegar pork crackling has a slight smokiness and balances the complex sweet and sour of balsamic vinegar in combination with the naturally rich flavour of the crackling.

Sea Salt Pork Crackling

Crackle & Co Sea Salt Pork Crackling Crackle & Co.Sea Salt Pork Crackling is lightly flavoured with Olsson solar sea salt. It’s a delicious combination of the natural morish taste of crackling with classic Sea Salt flavour.