Antoniou Fillo Pastry

Antoniou Fillo Pastry was established in Glebe in Sydney’s inner west in 1960 by Chris and Marina Antoniou. Since then, Antoniou has become Australia’s premier supplier of Fillo and Kataifi Pastry, using custom-built Fillo machines and a specially designed Kataifi machine to ensure every batch is produced to the highest quality.

Today, it’s still very much a family business. Chris and Marina’s children, children-in-law, and even grandchildren are now working alongside staff who have kept the quality of Antoniou’s pastry second-to-none for decades.


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Fillo Pastry Triangles

Antoniou Fillo Pastry Triangles These Spinach and Cheese Pastry Triangles are delicious and come ready to cook. Perfect for caterers and the food service business or anyone looking to make their next big event a breeze to cater for. Antoniou Pastry Triangles are made with authentic, light and flaky pastry and are rolled by hand. […]

Fillo Spiral Pita

Antoniou Fillo Spiral Pita This Fillo Spiral Pita makes for a visual treat and is produced using authentic Fillo Pastry that has been spiralled by hand and filled with the finest Spinach and Feta. It also comes packed in a foil tray so it’s ready to go straight into the oven and then to the […]

Antoniou Kataifi Pastry

Antoniou Kataifi Pastry Kataifi Pastry is a kind of string pastry that looks much like vermicell-style noodles and is highly pliable, which lets you mould it into just about any shape. Kataifi Pastry is traditionally used with Greek sweets, Kataifi Prawns, or even as pie topping.