Sweet Balsamic Reduction – 375ml

Jomeis Fine Foods Sweet Balsamic Reduction – 375ml

Sourced from Jomeis Fine Foods, this Organic Sweet Balsamic Reduction uses vinegar from Modena, Italy, and is then barrel-aged before being blended with organic coconut sugar to create an exceptionally versatile, unique flavour. This coconut sugar is used by Jomeis Fine Foods as it has a more natural manufacturing process than many other sugar types and it conatins insulin fibre, which slows glucose absorption and lowers GI.

Able to enhance a wide range of dishes, sweet and savoury, this Sweet Balsamic Reduction is particularly suited for salads, meats, fish, or vegetarian side dishes, with extra virgin olive oil to serve with bread, on tomatoes before roasting, over tapenade to accentuate the dish’s flavour, or even over strawberries and ice cream.

The 350ml bottle is perfect for household use.

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