Organic Sweet Balsamic Reduction – 250ml

Jomeis Fine Foods Organic Sweet Balsamic Reduction – 250ml

The most recent addition to the Jomeis range, this Organic Sweet Balsamic Reduction still uses vinegar straight from Modena, Italy, is barrel-aged like other balsamics, and is blended with organic coconut sugar to add sweetness.

Coconut sugar is used by Jomeis as it has a more natural refinement and manufacturing process compared to other sugars and also has a lower GI than many other sugars thanks to the inulin fibre it contains, which slows glucose absorption. Additionally, it makes this balsamic rich in Iron, Zinc, and Antioxidants compared to others.

Every bottle of Organic Sweet Balsamic Reduction is made here from imported ingredients, is 100% free from artificial colours, flavours and presevatives, is both gluten and dairy free, vegan and Non GMO.

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